Confederation of Associations in the Private Employment Sector

The Voice of the South African Staffing Industry


Industry Insights

The staffing sector in South Africa is a significant contributor to the labour market. Below are some interesting facts about the contribution the sector makes:

  • Introduced 5.4 million people to the world of work since 2000
  • On average, an individual who makes use of an agency secures work within 90 days, whereas others would spend a staggering 806 days (equivalent 2 years, 3 months) looking
  • Gateway to the world of work - profile of work seekers / candidates:

       - 57% were never previously employed

       - 83% are youth aged 18 - 35 years

       - 93% are previously disadvantaged individuals

  • In excess of 1 000 000 people deployed via Temporary Employment Services (TES) daily
  • Of those initially employed as a temp, significant numbers secure permanent employment:

       - 30% within one year; and

       - 42% within three years

  • One of the largest contributors to skills development with more than 35 000 learnerships/apprenticeships facilitated and in excess of R450 million paid in skills development levies


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