Confederation of Associations in the Private Employment Sector

The Voice of the South African Staffing Industry


Association Members

CAPES has four association members:

The Federation of African Professional Staffing Organisations (APSO) has, since its inception in 1977, worked towards the professionalisation and regulation of the labour recruitment industry in South Africa. Although APSO membership is voluntary, for the past three decades, all of our members have subscribed to strict self-regulatory practices including:

  • Full legal compliance;
  • Adherence to the comprehensive Code of Ethics and Codes of Professional Practice;
  • Professional certification of individual staffing practitioners; and
  • Continuous engagement with various key stakeholders including SSETA, unions etc;

As a member of the International Confederation of Private Employment Agencies (CIETT), APSO is well positioned to ensure that global best practice standards are achieved within the South African context. APSO holds the Africa / Near East seat on the CIETT council and participates actively in various CIETT initiatives.

APSO has nearly 800 individual staffing company members operating across the full spectrum of the staffing industry and across South Africa.


The Allied Nursing Association of South Africa (ANASA) was founded on 23 November 1994 under the auspices of the then South African Nursing Association. Recently, as a way of aligning with the National Health Act of 2004, ANASA changed its acronym to mean the Allied Nursing Association of South Africa, embracing not only nursing agencies but the entire countries healthcare recruitment sector.

For nearly two decades ANASA has played an integral role in improving the South African healthcare industry, providing healthcare recruitment agencies with a unified voice, building powerful allies in order to assist in positively transforming the South African healthcare environment.

The ANASA Code of Ethics which through the membership of Ethics SA creates an ideal platform for a unified ethical subscription of members.  This translates into adherence of the Scope of Practice of various categories of nursing personnel, cognisance of the fair practice procedures in disciplinary and grievance procedures which results in good business governance. 

The current ANASA membership consists of 21 healthcare agencies with numerous branches and thus the interest and commitment of members contributes to ANASA’s national footprint. 


The Constructional Engineering Association (CEA) is made up of employers engaged in the construction engineering industry, operating in the structural, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, piping and project management fields. The majority of companies who are involved largely in construction and fabrication rely on flexible workforce arrangements, most often managed by labour broker service providers.

As a result of the need for the stakeholders to work together as partners to ensure the success of these projects, the CEA set up two active divisions: the Labour Broking Division (LBD) and the Temporary Employment Services Divison (TES-D). The CEA is actively involved in ensuring compliance and enforcement of the bargaining council agreements and other sectoral determinations. The association has close ties to the SA Institute of Steel Construction and the SA Institute of Wielding.  


The Information Technology Association of South Africa (ITA), was founded in 1934, and merged with the IT Users Council in mid-2000, is the official trade and employer body of the Information Technology Industry in South Africa.  The ITA represents companies concerned with the supply of information technology equipment, systems, software and services. 

The ITA operates through an elected Management (MANCO) and Executive Council (EXCO) with four specialist sector divisions:

  • Information Technology Users Council (ITUC)
  • Recruitment Consultancy Services Group (ITARCS)
  • Payroll Authors Group (PAG)
  • ITA Producer Environmental Group (ITAPEG)